bmlhillenkeene (bmlhillenkeene) wrote in hxyh_announce,

Fic finding?

 would like to echo an earlier post I saw, are there any hercules fic finding communities? If there are could someone let me know where.

If this isn't allowed let me know and I'll edit it out, but I've been searching for two fics I read years and years ago, when I was really into the Hercules fandom.

1) It wasn't YH, but it was set when they were younger. Iphicles came back to visit, Iolaus was either staying with Hercules, or was coming over to visit everyday. Iphicles was jealous and it all eventually ended up with Iolaus running away from an arguement I think, or avoiding... Wait, wait, wait... He went fishing by himself because he knew Iphicles didn't want him around, ended up falling or trapping his foot by the river and the water level was rising because of bad rain. Iphicles and Iolaus eventually put aside their differences.

2)Another Iphicles and Ioluas fic, but set when they were adult. A ll I remember is a few flashbacks to when they had met, and at least one was when they were kids. They were friends in the fic, I think they were just reminiscing of when they weren't.

The fandom just seems so large and daunting upon returning, and a lot of sites I used to read on don't seem to exsist aymore.
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