Mythdefied (mythdefied) wrote in hxyh_announce,

A most intriguing Paradox. (At least, I certainly hope so.)

Thanks to the incredibly kind sidewinder, who gave me space on her server, I finally have my website up again! Well, I shouldn't say again, because this is a far different version than the three previous ones. After nearly a decade of marbled backgrounds, crowded (and often animated) graphics, multicolored text, links everywhere, and funky texts, I decided it was time for a change.

It used to be that our sites were how people got to know us, but now we have LJ and its clones for that, so my website need only serve to house my fanfic. Instead of revolving around massive graphics and pics, the main focus is now on the fic itself, and even that I changed somewhat.

All the stories are now plain text on a white background (except in one special case where the godawful backdrop and graphics helps bring out the true horror of the badfic) and all the story notes are contained in separate files, that way people can avoid warnings if they don't want them. No summaries. Takes up space and looks bad with the new site format. However, I may start adding them to the notes pages if I feel the need.

I've included two new stories ("new" translating to: "Wow, when did I write that?" and, "It's been sitting on my hard drive how long?"), which I'll probably post one of here in the next day or two.


Let me know what you think, any suggestions or definitely if you find any broken links. I had to spend a while fixing a few this morning. It was constructed on a screen resolution of 1280x1024, but I don't think smaller resolutions will have any problems.

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