Mary Crawford (marycrawford) wrote in hxyh_announce,
Mary Crawford

New Hercules: the Legendary Journeys Automated Fan Fiction Archive

Announcing the Delphi, the Hercules: the Legendary Journeys Fan Fiction Archive

What is it?
Delphi is an archive for stories about characters from Hercules: the Legendary Journeys and its spinoff series Young Hercules. And I do mean all characters: Hercules, Iolaus, Jason, Discord, Strife, Salmoneus, Nebula, the Sovereign, Ares...whoever you want to write about.

Gen, het, and slash are equally welcome. The archive does not accept anything involving underage sex or real people. Beyond that, everything else is fair game.

Why a new archive?
This archive isn't meant to replace any other archive, Zeus forbid; it's intended to be a base archive for the entire Hercules fandom, where all people's favorite stories can be found in one place, and a way for authors who don't have their own space on the web to reach more readers. And it's an automated archive, which means authors can upload their stories themselves.

Please upload your stories!
I'm hoping, requesting, and flat out begging everybody in the fandom to upload their stories. All you need is your stories, saved as plain text files; the upload form and the FAQ have the details, but it should be a pretty easy process, and you can preview your story to see if everything looks okay. You don't need to register or join or anything like that.

If you have any questions, please send email to delphi at squidge dot org, or comment below.

I'm crossposting this to marycrawford and herc_iolaus, and I'm going to look around for more communities which might be interested in this - I don't want to spam anybody, but I do want to let fans of various HtLJ characters and pairings know that the archive exists. Feel free to post this announcement elsewhere, or suggest lists/communities!

Huge galumphing great thanks to astolat for writing the Automated Archive software, to aka_arduinna for letting me steal all her own archive's nifty features and about 90% of her FAQ, and to Walter for his generosity in hosting the archive on Squidge. ♥
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