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Young Hercules/Lilith Icons

Hi, I just joined the community recently. For some reason, I was compelled to make icons of Lilith from Young Hercules, and I wanted to share them. Screen captures used came from
Feel free to take, use, alter, etc.

Lilith: Amazon Lilith: Smile

01.) Lilith: Amazon 02.) Lilith: Wonder 03.) Lilith: Smile 04.) Lilith: No Way Out 05.) Lilith: Bored
06.) Lilith: Princess 07.) Lilith: My Fair Lilith 08.) Lilith: Intense 09.) Lilith 10.) Lilith: We Have Abs, Too
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Didn't she play Seraphin on Xena (Sacrifice I & II)?
Yes, Jodie Rimmer played Seraphin in the "Sacrifice" episodes. I wasn't too fond of her character on Xena, but I liked her as Lilith on YH.